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  • An expert guide for you and you only
  • World-class art with down-to-earth explanations
  • Flexible itinerary: see exactly what you want to see
Tour snapshot
  • Length: 02h30
  • Language: English
  • Type of Tour: Private Tour
  • Group Size: 6 max
  • Departure Time: 3pm or 5 pm
  • Cancellation: Refund up to 48 hours
  • Disabled travelers welcome
The experience

Our skip-the-line tickets give priority access to the museum, however, please note that due to the Vigipirate Plan (increased security measures), there may be a waiting period at the security checkpoint at the entrance to the museum.

We’ve all been there: you get to the museum, map in hand, head straight toward the highlights and snap a few photos. But then there’s the inevitable feeling of deflation as you wander aimlessly asking yourself the question “What else is worth seeing?” You can sense that there are other masterpieces hidden in those miles of galleries, but where are they and what’s their story?

These are the kinds of questions we love to answer, which is why we’ve crafted a unique take on the typical museum experience. Forget the large groups and impersonal scripted explanations. And definitely forget waiting hours in line when you’ve got better things to do. This private skip-the-line tour is the fastest and most personalized way to admire not just the rock star works that draw the crowds, but the hidden gems that make this museum so special.

Reigning as one of the premiere art institutions in the world and the largest palace in Europe, the Louvre has inspired and captivated visitors for centuries. From its medieval beginnings as a military fortress it soon became a sumptuous royal residence housing heavy hitters such as Henri IV, François I, and a healthy dose of Louis and Napoleons. Century after century the palace grew in prestige and square footage until the French Revolution seized the building and all the good stuff inside it, transforming it into public space. Vive la France and pass the da Vinci!

On this private tour you get your certified guide’s undivided attention and the flexibility to see what you want to see. Fan of the Renaissance masters? Pas de problème. Greek sculpture? Bien sûr. Medieval history more your thing? We know just where to go. That’s not to mention the countless greats you’ll pass along the way like Raphaël, Michelangelo, Rubens, or Caravaggio to name a few. And no visit would be complete without a stop in the courtyard to contemplate whether you love or hate that glass pyramid. No matter what you want to focus your time on, we know the museum inside and out and can get you where you want to go. Or if you prefer to let your guide surprise you with a different itinerary, that works too.

Your guide

Solène was born and raised in Paris, and is ever keen to share her knowledge of her beloved home city. Even as a child, Solène knew that her future career would be not in an office but outside in Paris and beyond - meeting new people and discovering new places around her. Thanks to her passion for travel, Solène aims to provide for her visitors the same feeling of excitement she experiences when discovering new places.

Frédéric is a true Parisian who grew up in la région parisienne. An engineer by trade, Frédéric decided that his true passion lay in the rich history of Paris of its many historical sites. Becoming an official guide had enabled him to meet visitors from across the world and to share his love of Paris. Amongst Frédéric’s favorite experiences are introducing foreign visitors to Paris for the first time and enabling Parisians to discover new things about their city. Above all, he enjoys showing visitors the astonishing connections between the Paris of today and Paris throughout the ages.

Elisabeth is always searching for unusual places place in her home city of Paris - hidden courtyards, serene spaces and secret hideaways little know to its inhabitants. Spanish Andalusian on her mother’s side, Elisabeth adopted her mother’s love for finding the connections between Spanish culture and civilization and French history. Following her Master’s degree in Iberian studies Elisabeth became a teacher but later decided that what she wanted to become, above all, was a guide. Now an official guide she shows visitors her much-adored city with engagement, fun and dose of humor.

Jonathan is a history devotee who grew up in the Parisian suburbs. After studying History of Art at University he became an official guide, a true vocation which allows him to share the secrets of his city, and his passion for art and history. Jonathan is not only an art expert, but a guide who endeavors to present Paris and its treasures in a relevant way, always with a smile and with a good dose of humor!

Marie-Claire was born in the South West of France and raised in Toulouse. Before moving to Paris, she studied Linguistics and Art History in her home city, rich in artistic and cultural heritage. Marie-Claire now works as an official Art History Guide and a Picture Editor. If that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she also teaches Art History at the prestigious Ecole du Louvre in Paris and loves the variety of her work and people she encounters day to day.

Born and raised in Paris, Astrid learnt foreign languages from an early age thanks to her international travels and was fluent in Spanish and English before the age of 6. Passionate about history and new cultural encounters, Astrid decided to study History, English and Communication in Paris before moving to New Caledonia, a small French island in the Pacific Ocean. In this fascinating new environment, she worked as a tour guide for children. On her return to Paris, she decided to become a professional family tour guide. As a qualified history tour guide, Astrid is able to share with others her passion and knowledge of her home city.

Born in Italy, Cristiana fell in love with Paris on her very first visit to this magnificent city. Following her studies in Architecture and History of Art, Cristiana decided to begin a career as a professional tour guide. She particularly loves to work with children, finding their fresh and honest outlook on the museums of Paris ever-inspiring! Cristiana endeavors to provide for all of our visitors both young and old a truly unforgettable experience.

Originally from the South of France, Gwennaëlle has been living in Paris for the past 12 years and working as a guide for over half that time. Since childhood she has been an ardent lover of art and knew from a young age that she wanted to become a guide. After studying English at university, she joined the Ecole du Louvre to learn to become an art history guide. Alongside working as a guide, Gwennaëlle teaches art history to French and foreign students. Paris is to her the most enchanting city in the world, and she loves to share the secrets of the Parisian museums and monuments with her visitors.

Hélène grew up in Lyon; famous for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant gastronomic scene. She has also lived in England and Germany, before settling in Paris to work as an official guide. Hélène wanted above all to turn her passion for art history into a career and she adores sharing the artistic heritage of Paris with our visitors. Hélène is passionate about art in all its forms.

Arianna was born and raised in Rome. A the age of 5 she visited her first ever museum with her Italian grandmother; the Uffizi Gallery, where her adventure into the art world begun. Arianna studied at a French school in Rome before moving to Paris in 1999 to study History of Art at the Sorbonne University. Now a teacher of modern and contemporary art in a Parisian Art School, Arianna also guides in all the major (and many of the lesser-known) museums of Paris, her biggest love being sharing her passion for art with visitors of all ages and creating unforgettable experiences.

Oxana grew up in Moscow, and moved to Paris to study History of Art at the Sorbonne University. Since moving to Paris, Oxana considers herself a true Parisian, and feels fortunate to be living in her words, in ‘the most beautiful city in the world’. Oxana is a seasoned traveler, but Paris remains her favorite city due to its unique charm and extraordinary culture. She loves to share her passion for French history and culture with our visitors.

Born and raised in Paris, Cecile now lives in the Paris suburbs. Before becoming a tour guide, she studied History of Art and was particularly fascinated by gothic architecture in Europe, and 19th & 20th Century painting. Cecile began working as a guide in 2010 in a small medieval town called Provins, where her specializations were the Middle-Ages and military architecture. Cecile has also worked in Normandy and in the Champagne region. Her favorite place in France, aside Paris, is the Loire Valley due to its magnificent chateaux.

Marjorie was born in the North of France and developed a love of Paris from visiting as a child with her family. After working as a guide in the South of France, Marjorie returned to her much loved Paris where she adores to this day the way of life, the architecture, the atmosphere and of course the history! By becoming a guide, Marjorie is able to share her passion for history of art and for meeting new people, something for which she feels fortunate every day!

Born in Poland, Joanna moved to France with her parents as a teenager. Following her History of Art and Foreign Language studies (she speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese), it was a natural evolution for Joanna to become a guide and to share with visitors the secrets she’s learnt over her years in Paris. She is keen to share with you the mysteries of the Louvre, the secrets of the Palace of Versailles, and much more of the rich history of Paris.

Vanessa was born in Casablanca, Morocco; a country which for her holds beautiful memories, in particular the affectionate nature of the people and the beautiful smells and colors of the country. She has also lived in Italy, from where her family originates, where she returns often to further explore the country. For the past 10 years, Vanessa has been a resident of Paris’ 20th arrondissement. In her travels to Morocco, Italy, and further afield, Vanessa feeds her curiosity for the richness of other cultures, something which she shares in her role as a guide. Vanessa believes that being a guide enables her to understand the links between our different origins and respective cultures.

After spending her early years in Bordeaux and Brittany, Valerie travelled all over world with her family, but throughout her travels never forgot her French roots. Following her studies in linguistics and literature, Valerie moved to Paris and over 25 years later is still a resident of this fascinating city. Straight away taken with Paris, Valerie enjoyed the freedom and variety of life in the city; cafés, restaurants, theatres and museums in abundance! As a seasoned traveler with her heart in Paris, Valerie knows just how to share the magic of Paris with eager visitors, and to show them the immense cultural wealth of the city of light.

Murielle was born on the outskirts of Paris and has been fascinated by Art History and the history of Paris since she was a child. A passion for art runs in the family; her father was a curator - a career which meant he spent much of his time in museums across the globe. Murielle’s passion for art, architecture, foreign languages and travel developed at a young age. She studied English and Spanish at university followed by Art History. Above all, Murielle loves helping people discover the many secrets of Paris; its hidden squares and charming gardens and showing how the city has transformed over the centuries into the majestic capital of France.

Before becoming a guide, Hervé studied acting and has performed in small theaters across Paris. He began studying History of Art and decided to combine his love for History and Art with his acting skills. Hervé has lived abroad including in Atlanta USA and in London where he developed a deep understanding of the Anglo-Saxon culture. He is passionate about many periods of History but remains fascinated by the XVII and XVIII Centuries, hence why he’s so at home at Versailles! Hervé looks forward to sharing his passion for art history with you.

Jessica was born in Saint-Germain en Laye, the birth place of Louis XIV. From when she was child, she was fascinated by art and history and during her high school years realized that she wanted to make a career out of her passion. She settled in Paris at the age of 20 and fell in love with the romance, poetry and magic of the city. Jessica spent a year in New York City which opened her mind to the pleasure of meeting people from across the globe. Once back in Paris, she decided to combine her passion for communication and art history, allowing her to guide people from across the world through her beloved city.

Lully graduated in Art History from the University of Lille in 2013. Following her Art History studies, becoming a guide was not only a natural progression but the fulfillment of a dream. Lully's specialities include European Artists & Archaeology, and painters of the Middle Ages, Renaissance Era, 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries. An international explorer, Lully has lived in Ireland and Germany but now resides in Paris.

Clémentine comes from Gap, a little town in the French Alps perfect for swimming, skiing and enjoying the mountain landscape. A fan of the outdoors, Clémentine loves to lead tours in the streets of her favorite city, Paris. In her spare time she loves to cycle along the Seine from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower, taking in the history of the city as she goes. When not guiding, teaching or cycling, Clémentine likes to enjoy a glass of wine with friends on the Canal de l'Ourq, or spend time exploring her favorite museum, the Musée Gustave Moreau.

Ana, both French and Spanish, was born in Madrid and has lived in many different cities such as Barcelona, London and Aix-en-Provence before taking residence in eastern Paris. She studied History, Archaeology and has a Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Management, all of which led her to work in the UK, Bulgaria, Italy and Tunisia for Museums, Research Centres and the French and Spanish Ministries of Foreign Affairs. Apart from her obvious love for history, old stones and art, she loves music and sings in a Blues band in Paris, giving her an insider’s perception of the Parisian music scene whether it is Chanson Française, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Swing or even Salsa. She also enjoys uncovering hidden treasures in the vintage clothes shops in the Marais as well as the second hand bookshops such as Shakespeare & Company in the Latin Quarter. You might also find her strolling along the Seine riverbanks or the Canal Saint-Martin, in the narrow pathways of the Père Lachaise cemetery, taking Polaroids in Montmartre, dinning in a Vietnamese restaurant or having a Moroccan Pastilla at the Enfants Rouges Market. She loves sharing the things and places that made her fall in love with this magical city!

Born and grown up in Hong Kong, worked in the States, global trotter, Celia has have been living in Paris for more than 20 years. Her passion to meet people has driven her to study hotel management. After working in a French hotel chain as international sales manager for a few years, she has decided to come back to the travel industry. She is now a licensed guide and will share with you the pleasure of visiting France.

What's Included

    • A survey of artwork that goes beyond the highlights

    • Skip the lines access tickets so you don’t waste a second

    • Finally an art history class that won’t put you to sleep!

What's Not

    • An original Michelangelo to take home as a souvenir

Price details
1 person €319 per person
2 people €169 per person
3 people €129 per person
4 people €109 per person
5 people €99 per person
6 people & more €89 per person

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Give us three hours and we’ll give you an extensive overview of the best and brightest on display. From Veronese’s The Wedding at Cana to Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People, watch as the art world comes to life in a whirlwind of intriguing anecdotes and secret details, all aimed at broadening your knowledge and appreciation of what’s in front of you. Don’t just snap photos of the Mona Lisa like everyone else—learn her secrets instead; she’ll respect your more for it.

This is the Louvre like you’ve never seen it before. No lines to get in. No “herded cattle” groups following flags and umbrellas. No fumbling with a confusing floor plan; just you and your personal art expert exploring the world’s masterpieces at your own pace. That’s how to do the Louvre.

Meeting Point Hotel du Louvre - 157 Rue Saint Honoré
Average Rating: 5.0 / 5 Based on 7 reviews
Frankie M Reviewed August 26, 2016

Jonathan was absolutely the best. His knowledge and presentations were educational, informative and easy to follow. He was very warm and wanted to insure we had a great tour. I would highly recommend him by name to friends and family with your company..

William W Reviewed July 19, 2016

Jonathan did a fantastic job of customizing our tour to our preferences and going above and beyond to make suggestions that proved to be fascinating. He was so obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about everything he showed us. We would suggest his tour to any friends and family and plan to use him again should we return to Paris.

Tim R Reviewed June 17, 2016

Clementine was a great guide. We learned quite a bit in our 2 hr tour. Much more then we would have learned in a day without a guide.

Debra S Reviewed April 28, 2016

Vanessa was wonderful! Our tour was one of the highlights of our trip!!! We enjoyed our time immensely and she was friendly, knowledgeable, and really targeted what we asked for and added a few extra items we knew nothing about - but after having spent some time with us she could tell we would be interested in. Just a lovely few hours!

Denise W Reviewed April 14, 2016

Marie Claire was warm and knowledgable thanks

Charlotte M Reviewed February 20, 2016

Having done other tours with other guides in other cities I must say that the tour of the Louvre ranks among my very favorite. My Localers guide Jonathan was friendly, knowledgeable, well organized and skilled in making our every minute count. It is clear he was passionate about Paris and keen to share his enthusiasm. I rank this tour a 5 out of 5 and fully intend to book a Localers team member again on my return to Paris in the future.

John C Reviewed January 05, 2016

Fred was very, very good - really made the Louvre accessible and helped all of us get a sense of historical and artistic progression. The pace of the tour was excellent. Our sons were genuinely interested and engaged the whole time, as we were. Not easy on a visit of that length. Please reinforce our thanks.

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